Pets to Keep in a Tank Aside from Fish

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If you have an old aquarium or if you don’t much care for fish, you can still put your tank to good use as a house for all kinds of different pets. The most important factor is to make sure your tank is the right size for the chosen animal you are thinking of trying to keep. After all, some … Read More

Choosing the right material for your custom aquarium

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  The first step is deciding that you want a custom made aquarium, that’s the easy part. Once the decision has been made to construct a custom aquarium system, most people already have an idea whether they want a saltwater aquarium, high-end reef tank, or perhaps a simple freshwater aquarium. The type of underwater creation that you plan to contain … Read More

How Aquarium Maintenance & Water Changes Impact Water Chemistry

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By keeping track of these two parameters (alkalinity and nitrate concentration), you can virtually ensure success in keeping virtually any type of aquaria. NITRATE Nitrate, the end product of the aerobic portion of the nitrogen cycle, will accumulate in most aquariums if left unchecked. While not particularly dangerous, especially as compared to its chemical precursors ammonia and nitrite, but generally … Read More

Driftwood Series

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Check the Fish Geeks Blogs for information about collecting and processing your own driftwood discoveries. Driftwood Series Read as we explain how you can collect your own driftwood for use in your home aquaria. There are three sections on collecting, cleaning, and using your driftwood in your home aquaria. Check the Table of Contents (below) for links to the articles. … Read More

Driftwood Cleaning

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For very small pieces, you can literally boil the driftwood in a pot on your household range. Boiling will sterlize the wood within a few minutes, and will also speed the release of tannins from the wood. You can soak the driftwood again in a solution with de-chlor chemical added. This will help get some of the bleach neutralized in … Read More

Driftwood Collection

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Driftwood Series – Collection As a part of our ongoing Driftwood series, we wanted to cover driftwood collection as a means of providing driftwood habitat for your freshwater aquarium, terrarium, or paludarium.   The first consideration you should make when considering going on a driftwood collection trip is the rules in your local municipality. Driftwood collecting laws vary from place … Read More

Breaking down the phosphate reactor.

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Thus it is very important to have an efficient system for the removal of phosphates from your system. A phosphate reactor works ideally for this purpose. This article will give you an overview of the components of a phosphate reactor. In addition, I’ll go into some detail about how the process works and what sort of side effects you can … Read More