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Fish Geeks can help. Our aquarium specialists offer expert aquarium advice about virtually any aquarium topic.

Whether you are just beginning or if you are a seasoned aquarist, everybody can use a few pointers now and again. Sometimes the simplest things are the easiest to overflook. The intricacies and inter-relatedness of the core factors of a stable aquarium elude even the most experienced aquarists. Let Fish Geeks help with your expert level question.

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Fish Geeks expert aquarium Consultation Service can assist you with any problem you might have

The following are some examples where Fish Geeks expert aquarium Consultation Service might be of service to you.

  • Chemistry problems such as calcium/alkalinity imbalance, pH instability, vodka dosing, carbon dioxide injection.
  • Algae issues. Often a combination of factors contribute to algae issues, Fish Geeks can make an assessment of your system.
  • Pest proliferation. Is your reef tank over-run with Aiptasia sp. and Mojanos sp.anemones? Your planted aquarium plagued by snails?
  • New Aquariums offer special challenges whether you are following a traditional process or considering Fish-Less Cycling.
  • Fish Disease issues are unfortunately quite common. In addition to expert aquarium advice Fish Geeks offers a Pathology service to assist in disease diagnosis.

The initial phases of an aquarium startup are the most critical. Don’t waste time and money, contact Fish Geeks today to walk you through the entire process.

 NOTE: we do not offer free consultation services.
Consultation fees start at $50 for in-person consultation.

At this time, we do not conduct consultation via telephone or email. Thank you for your understanding.

Chemistry Consultation

Here at Fish Geeks we not only understand water chemistry, we actually enjoy it!

We can assess your system and test appropriate chemical parameters, and can give you a detailed consultation on the chemical conditions inside your tank.

carbonate-equilibria_expert aquarium advice

The success of any aquarium, particularly advanced and ambitious setups, are directly tied to the precision and stability of the chemistry maintenance.

We can handle the chemistry details for any type of system. 

    • Reef & Corals
    • Planted Tank Specifics
    • Rift Lake Cichlids
    • Amazon Soft-Water


Algae Issues

Reducing algae proliferation is never an easy task. More than just reducing nutrient levels, Fish Geeks can consult with you on the various methods you employ during everyday aquarium-related tasks, and how they impact the rate of nuisance algae growth.

Fish Geeks can also assess your system, our expert aquarium advice will include recommended improvements in the configuration of your filtration or device additions that might help you eradicate algae from your system.

Ultimately the goal will be to reduce the rate at which nutrients accumulate in your system. This will ultimately result in:

  • Reduced algae growth and a cleaner aquarium system.
  • Increased rates of calcification leading to healthier corals.
  • Proliferation of beneficial coralline algae.

The goal is to reduce the rate of algae growth, which can be tied to a number of factors that you control.

Contact Fish Geeks for your expert aquarium advice to learn how you can reduce your algae growth today.

Call us today to set up your in-person consultation.

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Service limited to the Twin Cities, MN greater metro area.



Pest proliferation

Help my reef tank is over-run by pests!

Be vigilant in removing these pests from your system from the start. Because before you know it, these pests can overrun your aquarium. No joke!

Aiptasia and Majano anemones are not only unsightly, but they represent a real threat to the other organisms in your tank.
Call Fish Geeks today to discuss how we could eliminate these pests from your system. With our expert aquarium advice you will learn about the options at your disposal for dealing with these common aquarium pests.

  • Safe manual eradication.
  • Biological control. (No chemicals)

Call Fish Geeks today to eradicate these pests from your aquarium.


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