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Fish Geeks can help. Our aquarium specialists offer expert aquarium advice about virtually any aquarium topic.

Whether you are just beginning or if you are a seasoned aquarist, everybody can use a few pointers now and again. Sometimes the simplest things are the easiest to overflook. The intricacies and inter-relatedness of the core factors of a stable aquarium elude even the most experienced aquarists. Let Fish Geeks help with your expert level question.

Fish Geeks’ expert aquarium consultation service can assist you with any aquarium-related problem that you might have.

The following are some examples where Fish Geeks expert aquarium Consultation Service might be of service to you.

Consultation Services

The initial phases of an aquarium startup are the most critical. Don’t waste time and money, contact Fish Geeks today to walk you through the entire process.

aquarium consultation

We solve advance aquarium issues.

  • Chemistry problems such as calcium/alkalinity imbalance, pH instability, vodka dosing, carbon dioxide injection.
  • Algae issues. Often a combination of factors contribute to algae issues, Fish Geeks can make an assessment of your system.
  • Pest proliferation. Is your reef tank over-run with Aiptasia sp. and Mojanos sp.anemones? Your planted aquarium plagued by snails?

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