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Cleaning a fish tank is hard work

That’s why Fish Geeks offers professional aquarium cleaning.

Sit back and enjoy the beauty of your aquarium and let Fish Geeks do the dirty work. We arrive on a timely manner at your home or office for your professional aquarium cleaning. In addition, we’ll assess your system and offer our expert aquarium advice on the ways you can improve your aquarium. 

aquarium service

A typical aquarium care visit includes an inspection of your system, along with an expert consultation regarding potential issues and possible improvements.

Each visit we will complete the following:

  • Thorough water testing is performed to monitor crucial parameters and maintain water quality at optimal levels.
  • The life-support equipment is diligently serviced to guarantee its smooth operation.
  • Cleaning tasks encompass the removal of algae from aquarium walls, substrate, and decorations, promoting a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Mechanical and chemical media are replaced to maintain effective filtration and chemical balance.
  • Water changes are executed as required, based on water conditions and the specific needs of the aquarium.
  • Additionally, the care and maintenance of aquarium electronics and control equipment are meticulously attended to, ensuring proper functioning.

The visit is concluded with a top-off of the aquarium system and filling of the auto-feeder, leaving the aquarium in a state of excellent care and readiness.

Common Aquarium Problems

Fish Geeks can also assess your system, and recommend improvements in configuration or device additions that might improve your chances of success.

Has your aquarium become a problem?

• Algae Issues
• Cloudy Water
• Unstable pH

Your Aquarium Has Potential

Let Fish Geeks help you realize its potential.
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