Not convinced your fish guy knows how to diagnose fish disease?


Me neither.

Any seasoned aquarium professional has been approached by someone with the question, “What’s wrong with my fish?”

The problem, is that in most situations, an attempt at a visual diagnosis is all that is offered. Fish Geeks guarantees that a simple visual diagnosis is only a presumption. Fish pathogens present themselves with a variety of visual symptoms. Relying on sight diagnosis alone is simply not an accurate method to diagnose fish disease, and certainly shouldn’t be relied upon for your most valuable fishes.

As an alternative to making a presumptive diagnosis, Fish Geeks offers a pathology service to diagnose fish disease.

There are two things separating success and failure when trying to assist a sick fish:

  • An accurate diagnosis
  • Properly utilized treatments

Fish Geeks diagnose fish disease quickly and accurately. Just as importantly, we can discuss with you the best course of action in your specific situation. The over-utilization of medications in the aquarium industry is creating medication resistant pathogens, and fish disease is becoming harder to cure than ever. Don’t medicate without knowing an accurate diagnosis!

Improper application of medications and treatments can be just as dangerous as a disease itself. Contact Fish Geeks for advice on the use and application of medications.

  • Utilize the same resources as zoos and public aquariums.
  • Save time and money!

Fish Geeks will work with you on the best method for treating (or not treating) your fish.

We can also provide expert consultation for setting up a quarantine system, and establishing a prophylactic treatment regimen…because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Fish Geeks employs light microscopy and industry specific pathology techniques to quickly and accurately diagnose fish disease on or inside your fish. We can literally identify the specific pathogens causing the symptoms you observe.

microscope_diagnose fish disease

Sound complicated? It’s not! In a matter of minutes, in the comfort of your own home, I can diagnose many diagnose fish diseases on the spot. The process causes no harm to the fish, and is painless in most circumstances.

logo_diagnose fish disease

Pathology services start at $85

Call today for a free phone consultation.


**Fish Geeks makes no guarantees for successful treatment, and accepts no liability for lost livestock. A quick reaction to disease outbreak will optimize your chances of success. Don’t delay.