Professional Aquarium Services


Fish Geeks offers premier aquarium maintenance services including:

  • Design, Installation & Setup of top notch aquarium systems
  • Aquarium Maintenance & Cleaning Services
  • Fish Health Services
  • Expert Consultation
  • Fish-Less Cycling

Fish Geeks, the Twin Cities metro area aquarium specialists, offer a full line of professional aquarium services. Not only can Fish Geeks help you set up your aquarium, we can also design and install a beautiful aquarium in your home or office. Fish Geeks can help you when your prized fish are showing signs of illness.

Whether your aquarium needs a thorough one-time professional cleaning or if you need a reliable professional to maintain your aquarium, Fish Geeks can help you. We offer regularly scheduled maintenance or single cleaning visits. Any cleaning or maintenance visit comes with a free expert consultation with one of our aquarium Geeks!

The following is an overview of the services Fish Geeks offers.

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  • Maintenance & Cleaning


    Sit back and let Fish Geeks professional aquarists do the dirty work. Leaving you plenty of time to enjoy a beautiful clean aquarium in your home or office.

    Fish Geeks offers two levels of professional aquarium maintenance:

    • Recurring regularly scheduled maintenance
    • One-time cleaning visits

    Fish Geeks offers competitive professional aquarium cleaning services, as low as $50 per month! All service premiums are quoted based on the size and complexity of the system, as well as the type or extent of the service required. Both commercial location and residential locations.

    Fish Geeks is licensed and insured. With unmatched experience, Fish Geeks is the professional aquarium service company for you.


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    Maintenance & Cleaning

    Click the link to visit the Fish Geeks Maintenance & Cleaning webpage for more information on Fish Geeks professional aquarium maintenance services and how we can help you.

  • Design & Installation


    Fish Geeks has the experience to design and install your next aquarium. Fish Geeks can install any kind of aquarium, whether you need a complicated multi-tank systems with custom PVC plumbing and central filtration unit, or simply a reef tank and refugium in the corner of your office. Fish Geeks aquarium specialists can help you every step of the way, from establishing a budget for your project to installing the aquarium in your space.

    We can also help you unbox and set-up your new aquarium or filtration device, and get your aquarium functioning at its highest level.


    Fish Geeks has experience consulting with design teams, architects, and project managers prior to and during construction to ensure that your needs are considered while your design is still in initial phases, saving money on expensive renovations later. With extensive experience managing ‘fish rooms’ or spaces dedicated aquarium spaces in a professional environment, Fish Geeks has the knowledge to provide expert level advice.

    Contact Fish Geeks to consult on your next construction or renovation project. Fish Geeks will work with you to design an aquarium that matches your both your long-term goals and your budget.

    A Fish Geeks plumbed system will have clean connections and will be efficiently designed to maximize system efficiency. Proper plumbing techniques minimize the risk of flooding and look appealing to the eye.

    Our own biggest critic, Fish Geeks quality workmanship is a source of pride, and sets us apart from your typical aquarium service.

    Design & Installation

    Click the link to visit the Fish Geeks Design & Installation webpage for more information on Fish Geeks aquarium design & installation services and how we can help you.

  • Expert Consultation


    Are you tired of getting questionable advice from the kid at the local fish store? Are you frustrated by the online forums contradictory (and often questionable) advice? Fish Geeks aquarium specialists can consult with you offering expert tips and advice.

    With unparalleled expertise and an unrivaled knowledge base, Fish Geeks can help with your aquarium issues.

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        • Chemistry questions
        • Algae problems
        • Pest infestation
        • Persistent issues

    expert consult

    Call us masochists, but here at Fish Geeks we truly enjoy chemistry. We consider chemistry the focal point for most aquarium issues. Fish Geeks can give you a detailed chemistry consultation, including the parameters central to your aquarium issue.

      • live coral chemistries
      • carbon dioxide injection
      • vodka dosing
      • pH management
      • algae issues

    Expert Consultation

    Click the link to visit the Fish Geeks Expert Consultation webpage for more information on Fish Geeks Expert Consultation services and how we can help you.

  • Fish-Less Cycling


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    Most seasoned aquarists are familiar with the nitrogen cycle and have also heard reference to “new tank syndrome”. For beginners, new aquariums require a “cycling” period where they will achieve a biological balance, and can safely house fish.

    What many people don’t know is that you do not need to add fish to begin the process of cycling your aquarium.

        • You don’t need to add an aggressive “starter fish” to your system.
        • You don’t have to gamble on a more expensive fish.
        • Fewer chances for the introduction of disease.
        • More humane for the fish.

    Fish-Less Cycling

    Click the link to visit the Fish Geeks Fish-Less Cycling webpage for more information on Fish Geeks Fish-Less Cycling services and how we help you cycle your new aquarium without adding fish.

  • Fish Health



    Fish Geeks employs industry specific pathology techniques combined with light microscopy to quickly and accurately diagnose specific pathogens on or inside your fish.
    Sound complicated? It’s not! In a matter of minutes, in the comfort of your own home, I can diagnose many diseases on the spot.

    Successfully treating fish disease requires knowing what is causing the symptoms you observe. Armed with a firm diagnosis, you will have better success at selecting medication and successfully medicating your fish.

    Pathology services start at $85

    pathology microscope

    Fish Health Services

    Click the link to visit the Fish Geeks Fish Health Services webpage for more information on Fish Geeks fish health services and how we can help you.