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Fish are beautiful, peaceful and exciting. Owning your very own aquarium provides joy, relaxation and stimulation. However, it is important that you also consider the work involved in maintaining an aquarium before deciding to set up your own.

Things like aquarium tanks, aquarium lights, fish and general aquarium maintenance don’t come cheap. The most important thing to remember is that an aquarium is a living habitat.

Everything must remain perfectly in balance in order for it to survive and prosper. Remember to take time to research your fish and plants before placing them together in an aquarium. Once your aquarium is up and running, a daily maintenance routine will ensure that your aquarium runs smoothly.


The most obvious aspect of owning an aquarium is feeding your fish. It is important to feed the correct type of food, and to feed your fish on a schedule. Remember, your fish are looking for you to regulate their lifestyle. Feed them at the same time every day to create a sense of flow to their lives.

Also take care to avoid overfeeding. Excess food will stay in the water and pollute the aquarium. To help you with your fish feeding, there are many measuring devices that you can use to maintain consistency in your feeding and automatic feeders that take the day-to-day feeding tasks out of your hands.


You will also need to set a light for your aquarium. Most fish need eight to ten hours of light each day. More light will create an algae problem. Again, to simplify your fish care, invest in an automatic light timer to illuminate your aquarium at the same times each day.


Along with light, you may also need to heat your aquarium. Be sure to check the temperature each day to ensure that the environment remains consistent for your fish. If you notice any changes in temperature, adjust your heater to re-establish balance. Your fish will become stressed and unwell if they suffer through large or frequent changes in temperature.

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Make an appointment with yourself each month to ensure that not only are you reminded of your aquarium tasks, but that you allow yourself the time to accomplish them.


Take time each day to scoop floating debris from your aquarium with a fine-mesh aquarium net. While your aquarium will need thorough, less frequent cleanings, a daily net-cleaning will help keep things neat and tidy for your fish. Along with the net, always check your filter to assure that it is functioning properly.


Finally, spend time each day observing your fish. Get to know them and their habits so that you can quickly tell when something is awry. With a little time each day, you should be able to maintain a prosperous.

While owning an aquarium requires daily maintenance, it is important not to disregard a more thorough day of work on your aquarium. Typically, setting aside one afternoon a month will suffice for much of your in-depth aquarium upkeep. To keep things simple and uncomplicated, make an appointment with yourself and your aquarium each month. While it seems like a large commitment, your aquarium will be happier and more successful because of it.


Once a month be sure to change a portion of your aquarium’s water. This water change is important to keep clean, new water in the aquarium and to remove a great deal of your aquarium’s waste. However, do not take the water change lightly. It is important to change only 20-25% of the aquarium’s water so that you do not upset your fish or the delicate balance of the habitat.


As you continue your monthly appointment with your aquarium and fish, take care to check the conditions of the water. Check the filters to be sure they are functioning properly. If you notice that the filters are not as effective, it is best to change the filter cartridge or activated carbon in your filter.

Also do water tests to get a feel for your fish’s environment. Check both the pH as well as the ammonia levels in your water. If necessary, make adjustments to create a healthy balance for your fish.


Do not forget about your aquarium’s floors or walls. Use an aquarium rake to move the gravel slightly. This will allow for debris caught on and underneath the gravel to be cleaned out of the aquarium. If you notice a great deal of algae on the walls, this would also be a good time to scrape it away.

Remember that while it is important to complete these tasks, once a month should be enough. When you move things around, your fish become stressed so keep activity to a minimum.

Your monthly appointment with your aquarium gives you the chance to take care of all of the heavy-duty maintenance. Remember that your fish and aquarium are your responsibility. Treat them as such for a successful aquarium experience.

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