Driftwood Series

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One of more common questions I am asked is whether or not one can collect their own driftwood and use them in their aquarium underwater or in beautifully aquascaped new wave aquaria tanks or “nature aquarium” setups. I’m wanted to go over the process of collecting driftwood that you can find near you, curing that driftwood so that you can use it in your aquarium underwater, and ways that you can employ it for any type of home aquaria.

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Check the Fish Geeks Blogs for information about collecting and processing your own driftwood discoveries.

Driftwood Series

Read as we explain how you can collect your own driftwood for use in your home aquaria. There are three sections on collecting, cleaning, and using your driftwood in your home aquaria.

Check the Table of Contents (below) for links to the articles.

  • Collecting
  • Cleaning
  • Adding To the Home Aquaria

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