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How Maintenance Impacts Water Chemistry – Guide to a Balanced Healthy Aquarium

The easiest way to export waste products from the aquarium is a combination of media filtration and old fashioned water changes. Water changes, particularly in freshwater aquaria, are an excellent and economical method of nutrient export. The primary concern, is how large and how often should your tank maintenance services should include an old fashioned water change.

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What kind of aquarium is right for me? – Building a healthy aquarium.

Not sure what type of aquarium is right for you? One of the keys to a healthy aquarium is to have realistic expectations about what you’ll need to maintain a specific type of aquarium.

After deciding to purchase an aquarium, one is confronted with a myriad of different choices that you can make. Whether salt or fresh water? Live plants and Cichlids? Living corals or FOWLR? Wait…what’s FOWLR? (Fish Only With Live Rock) All of this often leaving people wondering “What kind of aquarium should I get?”